Profile - Kristian von Krusenstierna

I was born in Stockholm on 4 March 1977. I grew up on my family farm, Ågesta Gård, 20 minutes from Stockholm. My family is running a riding school at Ågesta Gård.I started to ride at an early age. Besides the riding I was also playing football and tennis. When I was 8 years old I competed for the first time. I took part in a show jumping competition with one of our school ponies called Markis. We continued to compete in dressage and also eventing. I was successful competing with my pony Markis, but did not succeed in football, therefore I chose riding!
In 1989 I borrowed a pony called Kompis, in Swedish that means friend! He was a very good dressage pony but was also doing jumping very well. Mostly we did dressage but sometimes we went for some jumping classes as well. From that point I had been competing only locally at our riding school but I now went for the Swedish Championship. That year I finished third and the year after I won! I continued with bigger ponies, called Mitch and Killen. With these ponies I was in the European Championship team a couple of times. My best place was 7th!

In 1994 I acquired my first big horse. I competed in the Swedish, Nordic and European Championship in the Junior and the Young Rider teams between 1994-1998.

All these years from a pony rider to a Young Rider gave me a lot of experience and joy. This is a very important thing because I am still riding and competing today! My head trainer during these years was Sissi Lilja.
In 1998 I started working at Jan Brink’s horse farm and I stayed there one year. I learned a lot about a professional stable. In 1999 I started to train with Kyra Kyrklund and in 2001 I went to England to work and train at her stable for 1 year. At this time I bought my horse Wilson and during these years I started to compete in Grand Prix. I got excellent training from Kyra and her husband Richard White.
With Wilson I did one World Equestrian Game and one World Cup Final. Our best competition was in Lingen in 2005 where we came third in the Grand Prix Special.

In 2008 I started to compete with two new horses in Grand Prix, both were by Briar.  In 2010 I was at the Sunshine Tour with these two horses and was placed 8th in the last final. This year I was also in the team in Aachen.

In June 2010 I continued the career of the stallion Biggles 1015. He had been ridden by Jan Brink and when Jan ended his international career this horse came to me. 2013 Biggles and me was as best 50th on the FEI World ranking list.

2011 I started to train with Edward Gal and Nicole Werner. I frequently go to Holland and train my horses.

In August 2013 I took in training the Gelding Languedoc owned by Bo Eriksson and Anna Edling. He had been in Germany for the past 2,5 years and will continue his career in my stable.

The big goal right now is the Olympic Games in Rio 2016!

Kristian v K