Ågesta gård & riding school

Ågesta Gård is a Farm which has been in my family since 1910.

In the beginning it was more of a traditional agriculture farm. In the 60´s the cows, about 60 or so, moved out and the farm became more and more about horses. My parents started the riding school in 1978 and the school grew and is today one of the biggest in Sweden with more than 900 students having lessons every week. There are 60 school horses, half ponies and half big horses.

My mother is in charge of the book keeping and all paper work, my sister is working with the schedule for all the lessons, my father is together with my sister’s husband in charge of all the practical work, there is still about 25 cows to taking care of. I am responsible for all the horses and finding new horses for the school. Together with the family there are about 15 people working at the riding school.

Our idea is to give as many people as possible a secure environment to learn and have fun when starting to ride. We have five different levels in the school. That is our way of putting a group of students together who are at similar levels. That makes the teaching easier and the students learn more.

There are two indoor arenas, one 20x84m and one 20x40m, two outdoor arenas, one 20x60m and one 60x90m. We also have a small cross country course.

The dressage stable has 12 boxes. The horses are from 4 years old to Grand Prix level. We haves also 4 extra boxes separate for students who bring their own horses for a training period.

My idea with the dressage stable is to educate horses till their maximum level.  There are always some horses for sale in different ages and levels.